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A topographical survey, or contour survey, can be of great use in many situations for builders, land owners, industrial owners, and government entities. At Kerr Surveying LLC of Bryan, TX, we provide detailed mapping of the manmade and natural features of your tract of land, including easements, hills and ravines, trees, buildings, ditches and fences. We are happy to provide a survey on any size land, including large scale mapping for oil & gas pipeline surveying & mapping needs.

Our topographical monitoring surveys are an excellent and highly accurate tool for tracking the changes that occur on your land over time. Changes can occur due to natural erosion, grading, building, even sinkhole activity that has yet gone undetected. Our surveys can help you plan your land use accordingly and keep construction crews and land occupants safe as they provide a level of knowledge about the tract of land not immediately visible with the naked eye.

Our focus on quality control means your surveys will be extremely accurate the first time they are taken, saving you time, money, and preventing legal hassles over land and boundary disputes that may arise in the future. We work with meticulously maintained GPS and EDM instruments that provide accurate readings, which we then expertly translate into a graphical representation with a contour line map. Boundaries are clearly established, making these surveys vital prior to construction.

When you need a topographical survey in Bryan, TX for any reason, hire Kerr Surveying LLC.

Our team has 30 years of experience, which we put to work for you to provide the most reliable results.

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