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When you need to hire a land surveyor, you want a company you can trust to provide absolute precision in every measurement, accuracy in all mapping, and a high level of integrity on every project. At Kerr Surveying LLC of Bryan, TX, we are the land surveying experts you can rely on to bring our 30 years of local experience to work for you. Whether you need a simple boundary survey or an in-depth title survey, we promise to meet or exceed the industry standard to give you the best results.

We strive to provide every client the highest quality of service no matter how complex the job, and we do so through our highly skilled team and state-of-the-art equipment. As our client, you are assured of excellence in every step of the land surveying process as we work with you one on one to provide exactly what you, the builder, lender, or title insurer require to proceed with your project.

To provide you with the best service, we will meet with you personally on-site to provide a free estimate and let you know what you can do to lower the final cost of the survey. By taking a few simple steps, like having all necessary documents available, flagging any known monuments on the parcel, and being precise about the services you need and the reason for them, you can save hundreds of dollars and valuable time on your land survey.

When you need a land surveyor in Bryan, TX for titles, utility lines, or for any reason, make our team your partner in business.

We guarantee precision and integrity in every aspect of every job we do.

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